Target your Audience

Jun 11, 2023

How do you find your target audience?

Let's start step by step. What is a target audience? Target audiences are individuals or groups (teams, organizations) that usually live in a geographically defined area (i.e., cities, individual communities, or counties).

For the needs analysis, it is important to describe the target group as precisely as possible.->In other words, it is the group of people you want to sell to.

Let's first define what is not a target group.

What is not a target group?

1. claiming that your target audience is everybody

2. people with money

3. men or only women

I hear you saying, "But I only want to target people who have money, I was told that on the internet."-> "People with money" is not a target audience.

If you listen to people on the internet, please do your own research and add your details.

People on the big World Wide Web need to be more generic. They can't know your exact situation and what product you are offering. I hear you say, "But I want to sell to everyone"?

No, you don't. If you do, you will dilute your message so much that you will not reach anyone with your message.  

Let's now use a familiar framework to define our target audience.


(Image source:

What is TAM SAM SOM?

TAM - Total Available Market

It includes all the people who could buy what you have for sale. This figure will help you determine the potential of the market.

SAM - Serviceable Addressable Market.

This is the smaller segment that would buy your product. We break down the TAM into a more defined niche. It is still a fairly large number.

SOM - serviceable addressable market.

The niche group of people that best fits what you are selling.Still a big number, right?

Now let's divide these people into segments.


You can divide people into more segments than I have here, of course. But we'll divide them here into demographics, social, attitudes, and behaviors.

Please answer the questions as best you can for your corresponding target group. Work through the TAM, SAM, and SOM groupings and try to create a target persona. Only then please move on to answering the table. This is for segmentation purposes only. 

Now that we have segmented our groups and answered all the questions. Let's create a profile of a person we want to target. Please enter your data here. This is just an example of what that might look like.

Of course, you also need to figure out which social media platform you can find your target customer on before targeting them.

Create more such personas and try to keep evoking them in your relevant marketing efforts. It helps to actually create a "persona" and look at it over and over again when doing marketing.